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Unknown Variable


The release of Unknown Variable marks not only our first 4 pack of 2016, but our brewery's first venture in working with experimental hops! Experimental #7 and #33 aren’t your regular run of the mill hops. These new varieties were specially crafted by growers and we were lucky enough to have the chance to work with them!

As far as flavor profile is concerned, the malts in this golden hued brew take a back seat as you dive face first into a beervana bliss of peaches and plum. At 8% ABV this double IPA is dangerously light and crisp, perfect for the Spring days ahead. What does your brew future hold? You may never know. But what us brewers here at Storm do know is that with this beer in your hand your taste buds are about to venture on a hoptastical journey.

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MALTS: Munich Malt, 2 Row Malt, Wheat

HOPS: Experimental #33, Experimental #7, Equinox, Dry- Cascade

SMR: 9  IBU: 82  OG: 15.1  FG: 2.1  ABV: 8%

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Smoke RIng

A smoked porter aged in oak barrels for several months, Smoke RIng took an unexpected journey. Hardwood smoked barley and chocolate malt are matched with crystal malt giving this brew a rich burgundy hue and a faint tan head. The aroma almost makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a campfire deep in the woods, but don’t let that color or aroma fool you! One sip of this beer sends your taste buds on a crazy ride from smoke, to cherry tartness, to a dry chocolate finish. The tartness led us to believe there was a slightly wild ferment going on in those barrels, something we didn’t expect, but love because of the flavor it gives to the beer!

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ABV 7%

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The SheRIff

Watch out! The SheRIff of Rock RIdge, is here and trust us when we say this latest barrel aged brew is nothing to scoff at. A recipe of chocolate wheat, North American oats, pale malt and wheat malts was chosen for the base beer and put into 8 Thomas Tew Rum barrels. Brewing with high proportions of intense darker malts brought forth aroma and tastes similar to that of a rich coffee roast and baker’s chocolate. With The SheRIff, our brewers wanted to dabble into natural spiciness adding in German chocolate rye, a malt never before used in the brew house, and an aggressive Belgian yeast strain. After 5 months in the heavily charred wooden barrels, big flavors of caramel, toffee, oak and aged rum gently seeped into the brew, creating complex layered flavors ready to be consumed! A brew with dark malts and a Belgian background? We have a feeling the residents of Rock Ridge would approve and we hope you do too!

As far as consumption goes, suggested retail purchase would be two bottles. The first should be enjoyed with friends out by the campfire on a cool summer night, because who are we kidding you’ll want to try this the moment you get your hands on it. For bottle number two, we encourage you to stash it away and even challenge you to see how long you can age it because this pitch black brew is only going to get better with time.

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MALTS: North American Pale, English Crystal, North American Wheat, North American Munich, Chocolate Wheat, North American Oats, English Cara Malt, German Chocolate Rye

HOPS: Bittering: Warrior Flavor: Tradition, East Kent Golding Aroma: Aged Saaz hops,Tradition, East Kent Golding

YEAST: Belgian Achouffe

OG:20  plato  FG: 1.4  plato SRM: 147  IBU:53 ABV: 12 %  

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