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Spring Irish Red Ale


The official beer of the 60th Annual Newport St. Patrick's Day Parade, our Spring Ale is the perfect brew for New England springs, which can be a little on the brisk side. Roasted hazelnut flavors and an “Irish red” color make this a perfect beer to watch any Saint Patrick’s Parade in the area. And the use of kettle and dry hops from the United Kingdom add even more of an Irish authenticity this seasonal beer. Track down a bottle or draft line in Rhode Island and be sure to join us for our pint night countdown to parade day on March 12th!


MALTS: North American Pale, English Roasted Malt, English Amber Malt, English Cara, Hugh Bards Crystal, Dextrin Malt

HOPS:German Magnum, East Kent Golding, Cascade, Centennial

YEAST:House American Ale

OG 12.7  plato   FG  3.3   plato   SRM 18   IBU 44   ABV 5.5%

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infeRIority complex

infeRIority complex, a Brett beer, is the sixth installment in Newport Storm Brewery’s barrel aging beer program. With heavy doses of Canada Rye and crisp Dextrin malts, the base of this beer was Belgian inspired with a spicy, slick and slightly sweet mouthfeel. Aged Czech Saaz hops were incorporated to balance out the sweetness from these malts and lend a pleasant earthy tone that blends well with the flavors emanating from the barrel. After lying in Thomas Tew Rum barrels for 4 months, Brettanomyces yeast was introduced and quickly got to work adding elements of stone fruit and cherry to the brew. Very initial tests showed a pronounced sourness to the beer so aging time was extended to mellow out its complexities and impart balance between the barrel and its contents. This style of beer is one that cannot be rushed so brewers waited diligently for it to show them when it was ready to make its debut. So without further adieu, let us introduce Newport Storm’s, and arguably RI’s, most complex beer to date.

Distribution is set for RI, CT, PA and ME. Click here to find a bottle near you! 


MALTS: Pale, Malted wheat, Munich, Cara Red, Canada Rye, Dextrin

HOPS: Czech Saaz

YEAST: House American Ale, secondary Bret/Lacto wild yeast

IBU- 12.4 SRM- 37.2 OG- 16.5 FG- 4.0 ABV- 7%

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InfRIngement is the culmination of nearly 4 years of test brewing and development. From figuring out what beers go best with our Thomas Tew Rum barrels, to how long to age, and how well the beer holds up in the bottles, the brewers have spent years tuning and tweaking to get everything just right. The end result is a Russian Imperial Stout that is aged in freshly dumped Thomas Tew Rum barrels. The beer was designed to have enough roasted bitterness and body to balance out the impacts of the sweetness from the barrel and the pickup of the remnants of rum. InfRIngement goes well beyond just throwing beer in a barrel. It is the destination after a 4 year exploration into the realm of beer aging in rum barrels. Only a small amount of beer resulted from the project and that was placed in 22oz bottles for our fans to enjoy. 10% ABV

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MALTS: North American Pale, North American Munich, Flaked Oats, English Black, English Chocolate, English Roasted, Canadian Wheat, English Cara, German Chocolate Wheat

HOPS: Warrior, East Kent Golding

YEAST:House American Ale

OG: 19.3  plato FG: 4.4 plato SRM:147 IBU: 61 ABV: 10%

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