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InfRIngement is the culmination of nearly 4 years of test brewing and development. From figuring out what beers go best with our Thomas Tew Rum barrels, to how long to age, and how well the beer holds up in the bottles, the brewers have spent years tuning and tweaking to get everything just right. The end result is a Russian Imperial Stout that is aged in freshly dumped Thomas Tew Rum barrels. The beer was designed to have enough roasted bitterness and body to balance out the impacts of the sweetness from the barrel and the pickup of the remnants of rum. InfRIngement goes well beyond just throwing beer in a barrel. It is the destination after a 4 year exploration into the realm of beer aging in rum barrels. Only a small amount of beer resulted from the project and that was placed in 22oz bottles for our fans to enjoy. 10% ABV

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MALTS: North American Pale, North American Munich, Flaked Oats, English Black, English Chocolate, English Roasted, Canadian Wheat, English Cara, German Chocolate Wheat

HOPS: Warrior, East Kent Golding

YEAST:House American Ale

OG: 19.3  plato FG: 4.4 plato SRM:147 IBU: 61 ABV: 10%

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Annual Release '15


The crew here at Newport Storm Brewery loves bacon. In fact, their 2014 fall office meeting, which was dominated by the smoky meat, is now referred to as “Baconfest”. Inspired by this feast, brewers set out on a mission to capture the savory flavors, sans swine, employing vast amounts of specialty malts and barley. In light of the recent discovery that bacon might not be the best thing to eat, it looks like the Annual Release ‘15 came not a moment too soon!

Test batches for the ‘15 spanned nearly 2 years as brewers experimented with hardwood smoked barley to get the “bacon effect”, but a key ingredient was still missing. Brew Master Derek Luke fondly recalls the day he found the malt that would round out this limited brew, “Much like a wild boar searching for truffles, I stumbled across a dry sample of a certain kilned malt in the brewery forest that smelled just like milk chocolate”. The discovery of Baird’s chocolate malt made the theme of this beer instantly clear, chocolate covered bacon! Though hops are used to balance, they take a back seat to the wonderful flavors and aromas that only smoked barley can produce. At 11% ABV, this velvety black brew will have you saying, “I can’t believe it’s not bacon!”. To find a bottle of your own, click here



MALTS: Canada Pale, Canada Munich, Barid's Chocolate, German Beechwood Smoked Barley

HOPS: German Tettnang, German Tradition

YEAST: American Ale

OG: 22.5 plato  FG: 3.5  plato  SRM:205  IBU:19  ABV: 11%


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RIèzes, our latest barrel aged brew, is a copper hued Belgian style ale. The hops take a back seat in this brew as the malt characteristics shine through. Munich malt, Belgian Special B and Belgian Candy Sugar bring forth aromas and tastes of raisin, brown sugar and caramel. The Belgian yeast strain, with reported links to Chimay, rounds out this brew and offers a sweet bakers bread finish. Find a corner of your own to stash this limited release ale aged in oak barrels. Better yet, just drink it. Find this brew near you! 


MALTS: Munich, Canada Pale, Belgian Special B

KETTLE: Dextrose, Belgian Amber Candy Sugar (boost ABV, gives up front sweetness)

HOPS: Bittering- tradition, flavor- tettang, late addition Czech Saaz

YEAST: special Belgian Yeast Stain with reported links to Chimay Belgium

Aged in Thomas Tew Rum barrels for 3 months

IBU: 29 SRM: 7 ABV: 12%



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