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Annual Release '14


On January 5, 2014 our founders, Brent and Derek, braved the elements during an impressive Newport snowstorm to make our first ever snow beer. Armed with shovels, sleds and a multiple layers of clothing, the crew spent 8 hours transferring 1300 gallons worth of melted snow into our brew kettle. Canadian Wheat and Pale Malt were mashed in with the melted snow and German Magnum and Tradition hops were used to tame this snow beast of a brew. Classic hefeweizen yeast was used to ferment this winter’s harvest and during conditioning a small percentage of water was frozen out of the beer to intensify the unique flavors. Amber hued, this year’s ’14 boasts playful but intense characteristics. The hefeweizen yeast invokes banana and subtle clove aromas inviting sip after interesting sip of this sweet and warming brew. 

When it comes to brewing the Annual Release the rules are, there are no rules. However, we made an exception for ‘14 and vowed to use only snow. The countless trips from brew yard to brew house paid off in the end. Correct us if we’re wrong, but we do believe we’ve crafted the world’s first snow beer for you drinking pleasure. 


MALTS:Canadian Malted Wheat, Canadian Pale Malt

HOPS: German Magnum, German Tradition

YEAST: American Ale

WATER: Hand shoveled snow, melted in kettle


OG      23.3 plato

FG       4.9  plato

SRM    24.7

IBU      15.5

ABV    11.4%

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Rye of the Storm


Unlike its sweet cousin Barley or its mild sister Wheat, Rye is a spicy SOB all its own. We get ridiculous with this one and doubled the Rye and the IPA. This beer goes way beyond adding a bunch of citrusy hops in the kettle and slapping “IPA” on the label. If “the Storm” was gonna make a Rye, this would be it. Oh wait, “the storm” did make this one.



Bittering: Magnum, Columbus

Flavoring: Tradition, Columbus, Cascade

Aroma: Cascade, Saaz, Tradition, Columbus

Dry: Tradition, Obit, Centennial (whole leaf)

Yeast: American Ale

SRM: 22.2

IBU: 58

OG: 19.5 plato

FG: 4.1 plato

ABV: 8%


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Spring Irish Red Ale

Our Spring Ale is the perfect brew for New England springs, which can be a little on the brisk side.  Roasted hazelnut flavors and an “Irish red” color make this a perfect beer to watch any Saint Patrick’s Parade in the area.  And the use of kettle and dry hops from the United Kingdom add even more of an Irish authenticity this seasonal beer!


MALTS: North American Pale, English Roasted Malt, English Amber Malt, English Cara, Hugh Bards Crystal, Dextrin Malt


HOPS:German Magnum, East Kent Golding, Cascade, Centennial


YEAST:House American Ale


OG 12.7  plato

FG  3.3   plato

SRM 18

IBU 44

ABV 5.5%

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