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Cyclone Series Zach: An Imperial Oatmeal Stout

2014 3/19

In 2006, the Coastal Extreme Brewing Crew started the Cyclone Series, a clever idea before limited release beers were the norm. This clever idea produced 26 different beers ranging widely in taste, complexity, and lack of sleep for our brewers! We traveled through the alphabet, with no shortcuts, starting with Alyssa and now introducing, the last letter ‘Z’ for Zach, an imperial oatmeal stout.

Cyclone Zach is an intense beer, both in its brewing and flavor profile. Six mashes, rather than the usual two, were required to create this brew, leading to round the clock brewing. Boasting a 10.1% ABV Zach is truly a big and bold beer, but his most important characteristic is smoothness. To create Zach’s silky smooth flavor, the brewers combined extra tank conditioning time with the addition of the most flaked oat ever used in a Storm brew, to balance the otherwise over intense roasted backbone of the beer. This Cyclone will stand up to the test of time, our Brew Master recommends aging this beer for years to come.


MALTS: North American Pale Malt, English Cara Malt, English Crystal Malt, English Chocolate Malt, English Roasted Malt, English Black Patent Malt, Canada Munich Malt, English Dextrin Malt

HOPS: Bittering: Magnum
          Flavor: East Kent Golding

TECH: OG: 22.5 plato - FG: 4.6 plato - SRM: 251 - IBUs: 47 - ABV: 10.1%

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Newport Storm Pilsner is brewed as traditionally as possible and undoubtedly captures the essence of this historic beer style. The brewers start with a heavy dose of pale malt and a touch of Vienna malt to give this new brew a residual sweetness and depth. Unique to this beer is the exclusive use of Saaz hops in the boil which envelops the Pilsner in bitterness and flavor. The most important attribute to this style of beer is the authentic Czeh lager yeast and traditional longer fermentation time which produces favorable flavor and aroma of crisp green apple and lemon grass. After 4 weeks of conditioning, the Newport Storm Pilsner provides an exceptionally crisp and refreshing taste, perfect for those lazy summer days.

*Buyer beware: this unique brew can only be found in the 12 Sheets to the Wind Summer Variety Pack


Malts: North American Pale, North American Vienna

Hops: Czech and American Saaz

Yeast: European Pilsner

SRM: 9.1 IBU: 23 OG: 11.9 plato FG: 3.8 plato ABV: 4.8%

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Summer Hefeweizen

In 2012, we changed the style of our summer offering from an IPA to an unfiltered hefeweizen ale.  Over 80% of the grains this brew are derived from malted wheat which lends an exceptional softness to the palate.  Naturally underlying, but not overpowering, banana esters arise on the nose, providing an exceptional addition to enjoying this beer’s experience.  We LOVE these flavors and they are brought out by the yeast, so we made a decision to leave this beer 100% unfiltered. Hence, there is a natural yeast sediment in the bottles that you can chose to decant off of or swirl up to be poured into your favorite tasting glass.  Lastly what makes this beer truly unique is addition of hops after this beer’s fermentation: we have chosen the perfect combination to give a 100% natural citrusy lemon aroma and taste alleviating the “obligatory” orange wedge garnish.  At 4.5% it is literally the PERFECT sunny day (or really any day) brew: Newport Storm Summer Hefeweizen!


Malts: North American WheatNorth American Pale

Yeast: Hefeweizen

HOPS: US Cascade, US Tettenang

OG  8.7 plato  FG 1.7 plato  SRM 18  IBU 23  ABV 4.5%

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