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While “nobody puts Baby in the corner”, someone put Rhode Island and RIèzes [ree-ez] in the corner of their countries. Thankfully, both corners have great beer.

RIèzes, our latest barrel aged brew, is a copper hued Belgian style ale. The hops take a back seat in this brew as the malt characteristics shine through. Munich malt, Belgian Special B and Belgian Candy Sugar bring forth aromas and tastes of raisin, brown sugar and caramel. The Belgian yeast strain, with reported links to Chimay, rounds out this brew and offers a sweet bakers bread finish. Find a corner of your own to stash this limited release ale aged in oak barrels. Better yet, just drink it.


MALTS: Munich, Canada Pale, Belgian Special B

KETTLE: Dextrose, Belgian Amber Candy Sugar (boost ABV, gives up front sweetness)

HOPS: Bittering- tradition, flavor- tettang, late addition Czech Saaz

YEAST: special Belgian Yeast Stain with reported links to Chimay Belgium

Aged in Thomas Tew Rum barrels for 3 months

IBU: 29 SRM: 7 ABV: 12%



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This not quite Berliner Weisse, not quite Belgian Sour is our way of taking the unique flavors from a soured ferment and balancing them with real cherries. it should be obvious why we put “sour” in the name. Why they put “puss” in the name, well…

The brewers challenged themselves with this sour wheat ale when they decided to play with multiple strains of lactobacillus (a wild yeast strain) instead of just one, and they were rewarded with this lip-puckering brew! The backbone of Sourpuss consists of North American wheat malt, North American pale malt and just a dash of bittering Warrior hops. The real icing, or should we say cherry on the top, comes from 450 pounds of Oregon dark cherries added to sweeten up this brew while remaining true to the sour ale style.


Malts: North American Pale, North American Wheat

Hops: Warrior

Yeast: American Ale, after souring

SRM: 6

IBU: 5

OG 12.5 plato

FG 2.3 plato

ABV 5.6%


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Rye of the Storm


Unlike its sweet cousin Barley or its mild sister Wheat, Rye is a spicy SOB all its own. We get ridiculous with this one and doubled the Rye and the IPA. This beer goes way beyond adding a bunch of citrusy hops in the kettle and slapping “IPA” on the label. If “the Storm” was gonna make a Rye, this would be it. Oh wait, “the storm” did make this one.


Hops: Bittering: Magnum, Columbus Flavoring: Tradition, Columbus, Cascade Aroma: Cascade, Saaz, Tradition, Columbus

Dry: Tradition, Obit, Centennial (whole leaf)

Yeast: American Ale

SRM: 22.2

IBU: 58

OG: 19.5 plato

FG: 4.1 plato

ABV: 8%

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