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This savory honey colored saison ale is bursting with flavor. Locally sourced Aquidneck Honey, from our home island, adds a touch of sweetness to this brew. Pure saison yeast worked around the clock like a busy bee creating hints of lemongrass, pepper and ginger. Golding, Equinox and Tettang hops don't bitter this beer, but rather bring out fragrant aromas of apple and pear. Canada pale, Canada wheat and honey malts round out the brew for a smooth, satisfying finish.

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MALTS: Canada Pale, Canada Wheat, and Honey Malt

HOPS: Goldings, Equinox, Tettnang

SRM:7.43  IBU: 20 OG: 15.5  FG: 3  ABV: 7%

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foRIster- a beer for Bobby Forster

This collaboration beer, a first from our Barrelatory, was inspired by,and brewed for Newporter Bobby Forster. A former crew member with Newport Storm, Bobby was diagnosed with A.L.S. in December of 2014.

Canada pale malt and malted wheat give foRIster a golden hue and 3 months of barrel aging leaves a slight oak finish on the palate. Cascade, Citra (Bobby’s favorite) and Motueka hops were added to this brew after aging to preserve the juicy hop flavors of orange, grapefruit and nectar fruits.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer goes to funding A.L.S research and supporting Bobby’s journey. To find out more about Bobby, or to donate, CLICK HERE 

“This beer represents a celebration of Bobby’s life and a chance to raise A.L.S. awareness in his local community and beyond.” -Brewmaster & friend Derek Luke

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MALTS: Canada pale, Canada wheat, Dextrin malt, Vienna malt

HOPS: El Dorado, Cascade, Citra, NZ Motueka

YEAST: California Ale

OG: 16.7 plato FG: 2.3 plato SRM: 4.27 IBU: 66.7 ABV: 8.4%

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Rhode Sodah

We are excited to announce the release of Rhode Sodah. The launch of this brew marks the first addition to our year round line up in four years and it’s the first time a Storm brew has been packaged in a 16oz can! This golden colored ale is bursting with juicy hop flavor and a touch of bitterness. El dorado, Citra and Equinox hops give off flavors and aromas of orange, tangerine and mango. Canada Pale and honey malt offer a crisp, clean finish.


MALTS: Canada Pale, Canada Red Wheat, Flaked Barley, Gambrinus Honey Malt

HOPS: Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, El Dorado, Equinox

YEAST: California Ale 

OG: 10.4 plato FG: 1.9 plato SRM: 7.75 IBU: 37 ABV: 4.9%

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